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Author: Daniël Verhoeven

GreenHouse NV, sometimes named GreenHouse – Aldron says to employ more than 1500 people. It’s a typical dienstencheques company. In fact it’s a huge subcontractor, but it only provides labour resources that can be paid with ‘dienstencheques’, a Belgian system that functions since July 2001 but doesn’t exist In another country. That’s why I use the Dutch term, there isn’t a translation, as far as I know.

The laws regulating ‘dienstencheques’ can be found here. Not surprisingly Greenhouse’s clients are mostly house holds, but also event organisers, caterers…  The jobs they provide are domestic work, ironing, cleaning, cooking, serving, etc. They work also for big companies and public services, at least thye offered their services to the Ghent government as you can see here. One can find a lot of Greenhouse vacancies on the web. They even have a page on Facebook. One can see that a lot of effort is paid in luring clients and low-cost workers. In Dutch we say, klotejobs.

They stipulate on their website some requirements if you want a one of the jobs they offer:

  • sense of order and cleanliness
  • like household work: cleaning, tidying, ironing, etc. ..
  • initiative and work independently
  • discretely and accurately, and have a neat appearance
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Have transportation: car, motorbike or bicycle
  • Succeed in our selection (meer…)

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